Wednesday, 26 November 2014

All About Me!!

Hi, my name is Kaley and I am in grade 6. I have a little sister, mom, dad, baby cousin, grandparents and an aunt and uncle who love me very much. My favourite color is baby blue. I like eating cucumber, cupcakes, tomato, carrots, strawberries and blackberries. I am a competitive dancer at Kali Andrews Dance Co. I like to do Acro, HipHop, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. I get to go to many different places and meet a lot of different people. I have met Shawn Desman and Kate from The Next Step. This year I have 3 away competitions. Niagra Falls, Cornwall and Brocville. Last year I wasn't dancing for almost 3 months because I had a hip injury and I have just renjured the same hip. I am not aloud to dance for at least 2 weeks. The great thing is that I have meet so many people that I didn't really like when I first met them but now we are best friends. The friends I have made over the past 4 years are friends worth keeping. When someone has an injury everybody understands each other because we have all been there a couple times. My best friend at my studio is Vicky. Vicky understands everything about me. When I need a friend she is always there for me. Basicly, everyone gets along and that's what you need is for everyone to have trust in each other. And when I get mad at someone or because of what happened I tell myself there is no I in TEAM!!!

Thanks for reading:)
P.S. I will be writing more about me and about my learning so please check my blog everyday and I will try and post when I have time:)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Through the past couple of weeks we have been reading a book called The Stranger. The Stranger is about a man who was hit by a car and lost his memory. The man that took him brought him to his house and called a doctor. The doctor said he had to relax and he would be better in 2 weeks. As 2 weeks went by the stranger wasn't getting better. He was confused about everything. Things like buttons, button hole, shoes and even himself.  He then decided to leave and go back to where he came from. Every fall on their window written in frost said " See you next year". After that we had to write a story on a fictional character and write as if they were the stranger. My partner Marcus and I decided to write about Santa Claus and  how he had lost his memory. We were basicly retelling a story written by an author and put it in our on words.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Since the beginning of the year we have learned about input and output charts, different strategies like skip counting, t-charts, number lines and pictures. We learnt that patterns aren't in numbers and colors they are also in music, color, shape, numbers, size, in people and letters. For example: red, green, red, green is a color pattern and the core is red, green. Aa,Bb,Aa,Bb is a letter pattern and the core is Aa,Bb. 2,4,6,2,4,6 is a number pattern and the core is 2,4,6. I hope that I can learn more and more patterning to share with you. 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


This week in math I learned how to make a line graph and what Input, Output and Rule.

A Rule is an operation like multiplication, division, subtraction and addition.

Input is a starting of a pattern.

Output is where you determine what your pattern is.

Ex: 1 / 5
      2 /10
     3 / 20
     4 / 25
     5 / 30      The input is starting at 1 and adding 4 to get to five. And output is adding 5 each time which determines your pattern and pattern rule.