Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Through the past couple of weeks we have been reading a book called The Stranger. The Stranger is about a man who was hit by a car and lost his memory. The man that took him brought him to his house and called a doctor. The doctor said he had to relax and he would be better in 2 weeks. As 2 weeks went by the stranger wasn't getting better. He was confused about everything. Things like buttons, button hole, shoes and even himself.  He then decided to leave and go back to where he came from. Every fall on their window written in frost said " See you next year". After that we had to write a story on a fictional character and write as if they were the stranger. My partner Marcus and I decided to write about Santa Claus and  how he had lost his memory. We were basicly retelling a story written by an author and put it in our on words.

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