Thursday, 18 December 2014

Giving Stockings To The Homeless

On Monday, The grade 6 class went downtown to give stockings to the homeless. We bought warm, fuzzy socks and put one sock inside the other sock. Then we filled the sock with travel size toothpaste, shampoo,mouthwash and even bars of soap. We gave one to every homeless person we saw. Every time a grade 6 student gave a stocking to a homeless person, they cried. Everyone was guessing that they cried because no one ever gave them anything for Christmas or that they didn't have enough money to buy something or someone else to make them feel happy. It was really sad to see people that didn't have a leg or people that didn't have warm clothes. We even saw homeless people looking through garbage bins to find beer bottles or wine bottles to bring into a beer store to get money for it. The things we saw, we can't unsee  but we should feel good about ourself knowing that we made a homeless person feel good.

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