Tuesday, 17 February 2015

This Past Month

This past month we have been learning about EQAO questions to help us when we have to write the test. Some of the questions we have had are:

  1. If a moth flaps its wings 80 times in 1 minute, how many hours will it take the moth to flap its wings 1,000,000?

2. If it is midnight in California,and nine o'clock am in New York. You want to travel from California to New York and it takes 6 hours to get to New York. If it is 12 in the afternoon in California what time will it be in New York when you arrive?

          These are all the questions we have done for EQAO but we are still working on more. 

We have also been very busy for Valentine's day. The grade 6 class (my class) had to come up with an idea for Valentine's day. Our idea was to sell candy grams. First we needed to design the candy gram posters to let people know that something was happening the week of Valentine's day. Once they were up, we had to design the candy gram cards. After we designed those we had to buy bags and envolopes. Every second block we went to every class to collect the candy grams. The boys cut out new candy grams that weren't filled out. While the girls sorted them by class and counted the money. 

        We also have been learning about Area and Perimeter. Perimeter is the distance around the shape and area is the distance on the inside of the shape. 

In English class once every week we have to give yourself your own homework. We are aloud to do anything we wanted. Learn a new language, book report, read for 30 minutes, it didn't matter. So I decided to learn Spanish. I got this app called Duo Lingo and its not just for Spanish, you can learn any language you want. 

      My friend Elizabeth is trying to teach me how to draw, and it's not going so well. It's not that I can't draw, I can but I want to be as good as her!! She can draw anything and it looks good. 

In French, we have been doing Science experiments and we had to present them to the class. But they weren't just any science experiments it had to be an experiment on air. My experiment was to stack cups and then cut a hole in the extra cup, blow out of the cup and see how many cups you can knock over. 

      And I know that what I'm going to say has nothing to do with school, but this Saturday coming up, I have a Dance Showcase and I am so excited!!:) One of my friends, Marcus is coming to watch because he likes dance too. But to be good and have a great time, we need to work hard in the studio, and have loads of fun when we go on stage. 

Thanks for reading:)

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  1. I love the variety of things you talk about in your posts in terms of new learnings and activities that you have participated in. How was the Dance Showcase?