Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Last Year at St.Luke Elementary School


        Today is Monday June 8th 2015, and we now have 12 days left of school. 
            This blog post is required to talk about feelings of changing schools and friends. It's going to be very              hard making new friends and still keep the friends we already have. 

           I and many of my friends now are going to St.Pat's Intermediate Catholic School. We have to wear 
           uniforms. We even have a uniform for gym class. They are green, yellow,white and black. Uniforms 
           are to prevent any bullying in the school. I like uniforms but then it keeps people from showing who                they really are on the inside

            To get to school I am either taking the OC Transpo bus or taking the school bus. My parents and I 
            still haven't decided, but I think I am most likely taking the school bus. The only problem with taking              school bus with the grades 8's would be them making fun of all the grade 7's.

            There are 6 classes in a day. We only have 5 minutes to get back to our locker change books and                 get to the next class. If we have class in another building wish me luck!! I'm so worried about getting              lost cause damn that schools big. The most classes I'm worried about are Math and French. But I                can't wait to take part in the Drama and Music classes.

            Starting and Finishing time
             So school starts at 8:00 and finishes at 2:10. That means that I have to get up at 5:00 which is way                to early for me because I get really cranky sometimes. I'm sure I will get used to it but still, that's                        just crazy talk.

            I'm very excited to make new friends but at the same time I don't want to lose any of the friends I                 already have. Some of my friends from before that go there now, have made new friends and have                 lost the friends they have had in their lives for many years.

            Thanks for reading....